Peace, Breaking out of the Box

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Peace, Breaking out of the Box
35″ x 22″
spray paint and charcoal on cardboard


Here  I again revisited the theme of breaking free, of the human longing to rise above the chaos and violence that can define so much of the world.

In this case, it was spray paint that created the backdrop for my theme.  This cardboard panel was catching the overdrift from another work that I was painting.  When I removed the painting on top, the layered shapes and gradients that appeared underneath formed the perfect vignette for a drawing.

So I took my charcoal pencils (both gray and white) and drew this dove taking wing from the humblest of surfaces.

Art can take root anywhere. Little did I know that this dove lived within this cardboard panel, and all it took were a few deft strokes to bring it to life.

We’re so used to seeing art within the confines of a square canvas or piece of paper. This is my way of breaking out of the box, so to speak, of rejecting the traditional confines of a canvas, and of seeing the beauty in something that might have otherwise been discarded.