One Day, You Too Will Soar

One Day, You Too Will Soar

One Day, You Too Will Soar
acrylic on canvas
18″ x 24″

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Life is about learning to stretch our wings and fly. No matter how small and insignificant we may feel, we all have the capacity to grow, and to rise above our present-day limitations. It isn’t easy, but the beauty of being human is that we are able to transcend the indignities we all suffer, and aspire to something greater than ourselves.

This painting is layered with many meanings:

  • memories of lessons learned from reading “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” when I was a child,
  • the experience of growing up with a special-needs brother who is not able to walk on his own, but who I believe will be free of physical impediments one day,
  • the inspiration of people like Martin Pistorius, who found a way for his beautiful inner self to escape his paralyzed body and radiate his love to others,
  • and the knowledge that ultimately, our soul naturally gravitates towards what is sacred.

This work of art is also a metaphor for the passage from this world to the next, alluded to here by the ring of light that near-death survivors often describe. It is a hopeful image, as death is not the end, but merely a transition.