Watermelon Dreams

Watermelon Dreams
watercolor and collage on paper
16″ x 21″
(18″ x 24″ framed)

When we become adults, we somehow get the memo that it’s no longer okay to have crazy ideas or vivid imaginations like we did when we were children. We’re expected to buckle down, and become reasonable and responsible. Even if we’re lucky and never got this message from our elders, the bumps and bruises of growing older can certainly take the shine off our youthful exuberance.

But there are ways to revive it. One is to have kids yourself. Another is to do something crazy once in a while, abandoning yourself to childhood dreams, where watercolor watermelon slices cavort with tissue-paper poofs of lavender and pink smoke. Perfect for a child’s bedroom, or anywhere you want to bring back memories of wistful summer daydreams.

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