Glacier, Retreating

Glacier, Retreating

Glacier, Retreating
acrylic ink and airbrush on canvas
24″ x 48″

The great glaciers of the world are shrinking. The ice they shed is cascading into the oceans, upsetting the saline balances, coastal water lines, and temperature differentials, all at once, for the first time in thousands upon thousands of years.

“Glacier, Retreating” portrays this process of disintegration, the gradual melting and receding of the front edge of these glaciers. I chose airbrush and ink as my medium because they best convey the subtleties of the gradual melting and diffusion of the glacier’s core into the surrounding atmosphere.

Once the great glaciers disappear, they may never come back. “Glacier, Retreating” is a memorial to their existence, in its muted layers of blue and green slowly dissipating to the edges of the canvas, the last glimmer of ice crystals still intact, but not for long.

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