Crevasse, Melting

Crevasse, Melting
airbrush on canvas
24″ x 48″

In reflecting upon themes for my Climate Change series, the image of melting glaciers immediately came to mind. Blue is a key element in my palette, my favorite in fact, and the prospect of exploring all the different shades of blue inherent in melting ice was irresistible. Glacial crevasses are particularly breathtaking, with their multitude of polished layers reflecting the blue light and plunging deep into the unknown.

I had just begun experimenting with airbrush, and a crevasse was the perfect subject for rendering the overlapping shapes and softly curving hues. The purity and translucency of color achieved with airbrush is unparalleled, and it conveys the delicate, fragile nature of these constantly changing ice formations.

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