Clouds III

Clouds  III
airbrush on raw canvas
30″ x 40″

This is the third in a series of paintings exploring the multitude of clouds that populate the life-sustaining belt around our planet. I imagined what it would be like a century from now, if we allowed climate change to continue unabated, and the only way to survive was inside a protective habitat. This painting imagines us viewing the clouds through the window of our bubble, or perhaps from a spaceship drifting away from Earth, as we search for a planet more benign than the one we had carelessly rendered uninhabitable.

The cloud series came about as I was experimenting with airbrush on raw canvas. This technique perfectly captures the diffused, muted, and delicate shapes of clouds drifting across the sky. Layers of transparent airbrush create depth, and the tooth of the untreated canvas provides texture. Spare, simple, and beautiful.