It was a fabulous day at  Art Hop Takoma 2013! I was exhibiting at Now and Then, the coolest little gift shop in Takoma Park, and with the fine, sunny weather, we had streams of people coming through.

Art Hop is like a living organism: every spring, this creative symbiosis emerges between store owners and artists, to create a unique experience that allows both determined art aficionados and the serendipitous passers-by to chance upon a variety of artistic works as they meander from one shop to another down the winding main street. It’s quite unique, and I wish that we in Wheaton had something like this. But the village-community feel of downtown Takoma Park, with its walkable streets and mom-and-pop stores, lends itself perfectly to this kind of event.

Many thanks to Kate Rhudy for organizing everything, and to Jude Garrett, the owner of Now and Then, for hosting me and photographer Jan Morales!

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