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What I’m Working On….

   Syrian girl looking out window

I’ve been wanting to weave people into my paintings for a long time now. Of course, I have already done some studies of Syrian refugees. But portraits and figure studies are completely different from florals, fruits, and the large-scale clouds I most recently finished. So my goal is to develop a consistent style in approaching the portrait, just as I did with my other subjects.

I’ve been experimenting with different approaches to the beautiful beings I’ll be teasing out of the recesses of a blank canvas or paper. I love drawing in charcoal, which is how I created my sketch of the Syrian girl above. But I also love loading a brush with color and building layers of hue and value until the features of a face slowly emerges from the surface. That is what I did in the painting on the left, which is currently in progress.

As I move forward, perhaps I’ll incorporate charcoal sketches with vibrant oils. It’s an exciting exploration, and I’ll be sharing the results with you as it progresses.

In the Cocoon, then Emerging

cocoonJust as a caterpillar curls up into a cocoon to make the metamorphosis into a butterfly, I’ve been holed up with my paints and my thoughts for some time now. I made a conscious decision not to exhibit, and instead turned inward to explore new media and new ideas.

The resulting journey has led me through oil painting, spray paint, airbrush, stained canvas, and collage. I’ve learned something from every one of these media.

Stay tuned: I will begin posting the results of my exploration soon…